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The Morgue (and Dead Pool)

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Feb 19th edit:
So... Just one month after creating the thread this thing evolved into an obituary page of sorts, so I've decided to make that the main purpose of this thread while keeping the deadpool aspect active for the people that submitted their predictions.
Some things I want to remind everyone, so I won't keep making new posts every 2 days:

1. No 2 views will be covered unless they're somehow related to bigger chubas
2. Big indies and corpos are preferred

:pippasquish: TVA'S 2023 DEAD POOL :pippasquish:


The premise is very simple.
  • Choose 3 vtubers you think are gonna graduate befor the year ends.
    2 POINTS (each)

  • State the reason of their graduation in 1 or 2 words
    examples: final yab, health reasons, reincarnation, etc
  • Add a bit of FLAVR to your prediction with a short description for your predictione
    example: Vesper finally impregnated Kronii, so he had to jump ship
    1 POINT if the RRAT is proved to be actually true (only roommate posts and corpo public statements serve as confirmation)


The best prize of all, being right on the internet!

Submissions closed as of 02/15/23

  1. This isn't a general rrat/predictions thread, keep those things to the main thread
  2. Keep it interesting, don't bring 2 view nobodies.
  3. Big indies and Corpos (big and small) are preferred.
  4. Any graduation that was announced or happened before this post's date (january 12th) are off the table.
  5. No one is saying your oshi's shit. Have fun, don't be retards and avoid tardfighting or tribalfagging. :lolcalmdown:
  6. No backdating. If a correct prediction is marked as edited, it will be disregarded.

Sithis - 3 points
Piarro - 2 points

1st place - Calliope Mori and Gawr Gura tie. 6 picks
2nd place - Pipkin Pippa and Vesper Noir tie. 4 picks
3rd place - Vox Akuma and Froot tie. 3 picks

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Vox Akuma: Manhera. Fanbase is a ticking time-bomb.

Vesper Noir: Attitudes fundamentally incompatible with formal Japanese business culture.

Apricote the Lich: Public image tarnished forever.

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Vesper Noir: Attitudes fundamentally incompatible with formal Japanese business culture.

You know what?

She gets into Phase. She debuts as Kirsche, with nothing actually changing.


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Nakiri Ayame: Finally realizes there isn't too big a benefit to the side gig and/or her roommate gets married.

Mori Calliope: She has attained everything she ever wished for already and the schedule-intensive lifestyle has become a hassle.

Houshou Marine: General unhappiness and demotivation that she has been dragging since Coco graduated. Either takes a long overdue break from the internet or restarts as an indie and continues to be successful.


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Gawr Gura: Health reasons. Kind of an easy one. May not be the real reason, but it will be the one that's cited.

Pipkin Pippa: Irl graduation. She's bringing it up a lot, you guys...

Not any other obvious ones that I'm aware of, I'd put Ina just for another easy bet but the last time I made an Ina graduation post Gura died shortly after, so I'll do a more positive one and say

Chikafuji Lisa: Reincarnation. Hope she gets into Holo or Niji.

e: actually fuck no I don't hope that, then she probably couldn't do her music reviews because of perms.


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Gawr Gura: Health Reasons. Stress induced health problems worsen so much she falls out of love with vtubing and ditches cover. Possible return as indie vtuber when stress levels and health returns to normal.

Sava Safari: IRL graduation. She ate something she shouldn't one too many times.

Pippa: Henri. MF goes too far and she gets the shit scared out of her. Firearms are probably involved.
(the last one is half joking, half serious)

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Vox: IRL graduation, manhera or by the hand of a Chinese woman

Sleepy: Picked up by a corpo

And controversial choice, Kiara: extreme twitter moment

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If only we could take this thread back in time to around June of last year because boy, would I have a banger of an answer for you.

Mori Calliope: can't handle the stress of having to work as both Mori and Demondice. One of them has to go, and given the current revamp in the works, it won't be Demondice.

Gawr Gura: failing health and constant paranoia of her insane pedo fanbase. RRAT: has been in a deep depression ever since Watson snapped at her in Rust, graduates IRL.

Aletta Sky: some unicorn (probably SEA) that's still salty over the nijibro incident tracks her down, cuts off her face, wears it on an Instagram livestream for 20 viewers.


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Amano Nene: Leaves Kawaii on amicable terms after the 3D concert. Gets into a bigger corpo.

Ninomae Ina'nis: Finds out that her frail Asian body isn't what it used to be and that living off energy drinks has negative long-term effects. Gacha > Vtubing

The raging homosexual Uki Violeta: Calls someone a femboy on stream, forgetting that he doesn't get the gay pass as a niji vtuber. People start digging up dirt on him. In his final moment of desperation, he manages to pull at least one other Noctyx/Luxiem guy down with him.


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Gawr gura: Let's do some rratting.

I think something happened on the meet ups that made a bit of a rift between Gura and the others, which ended with Ame calling Gura a bitch, pretty quickly afterward Gura went on her break, so yeah I think there's something personal going on, hugely effecting Guras mental state, which I think will end in her graduation.

Ninomae Ina'nis: She got her first big gig as an artist and might want to focus on that career instead of the hololive one.

Vox Akuma: Several menhera moments soon after debuting, if he doesn't get his mind out of the gutter, he won't survive.
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Pippa Pipkin: Chase and Henri team up to track her down and commit a 3-way murder-suicide.

Gawr Gura: Her chronic health issues have gotten unmanageable and she can't accomplish any of the things she wanted to as a VTuber. Or she actually did get raped at Calli's white-trash airbnb party and her family pressured her to keep the rape-baby for religious reasons and she dies during childbirth.

Vesper Noir: His gigachad energy is too much for management to handle. He finally goes off-rails and bangs your oshi on-stream and is force-graduated.


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Matsuri: sexual harassment lawsuit
Do I need to elaborate?

Noel: quits to go full porn star and makes bank

Haachama : gets fed up with restrictions and joins Vshojo JP


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Vesper noir: Already had one yab suspension worthy not even a year into his contract, he will probably call someone a nígger or a fággot live on stream, or will threaten a higher up (anger issues).

MikeNeko: Will graduate from life after suing the wrong person and losing in court.

Calliope mori: smuggling/possession :smugrys: (drug related).


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Himemiya Rie: She's retarded, she's the weakest link in PhaseAlias, she's probably gonna dox her address and quit the internet.
Pipkin Pippa: She's gonna get suicided in the back of the head.
Fuura Yuri: She's gonna succumb to illness and slowly fade into obscurity until she announces her graduation from life.


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Whoever this "Froot" person is that cheats while her husband is overseas in a warzone.

Mori Calliope, to focus on her other projects and asperations.

Sena Bon-bon, to be reincarnated in a new company.


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I haven't really thought about it too much but..

Calli keeps jumping high on my thoughts.
Not in so much that I think she has issues with being Calli, but as far as "What do I lose" she's arguably the best off. Obviously the contract with universal goes but it's not like she would randomly lose any contacts she's made since. So presuming she builds up Demondice, can butter up a person or few to get a DD contract, and also just so happens to be buddies with a lot of music/twitch/vshojo people she would be just fine. So she might just say fuck the company tape for projects, permissions, etc.
She also said before she considered graduating sometime last year iirc. I believe it was a noted comment someone brought from a member stream so not 100%.
Tldr: :talentfreedom:

I sadly place Magni as possible.
I think he has enjoyed it more than he expected, but he also does seem like he potentially just joined as a bit of a filler while he finishes doing shit IRL. I seem to recall him saying he was trying to be a doctor or some such. He might just be trying to have a good time goofing off making content, messing with art and music until he's got too much going on for streaming. Between trying to bring back his roommate stuff, getting life things done, and a few health issues on and off I think he potentially steps out if he just can't slot it into his time frame.
My hope for this being wrong is that we've had several others who juggle similar things with studying and other shit, but his possible health issues on top are the part sliding me into maybe territory.
Tldr: IRL pursuits, possible side of health issues

Worst time line pediction to be different from everyone else: Botan
Between health issues, doctor visits, time off, and even missing some stuff like Luna's 3rd anniversary, part of me wonders if her doctor is actually playing it up to get her to take care of herself better or if they're genuinely telling her to stop it.
I hesistate to fully commit because the lives typically aren't truly "live" (Ame's might be the only one I remember having a true live stream part) and as such might have been recorded while she was taking off. She missed Luna's but did pop in on Watame's. But that doesn't really time frame when recording possibly took place and why she missed what she did.
I ALSO hesistate because she (as far as I know but correct me if wrong) has basically done this same shit for a living without the avatar and would probably just do the same thing as a job anyway so I don't think she would quit. That with her "Well if I die I die. I still love what I do so I will do it" attitude makes me hopeful she stays. Based on thread posts she's been well enough to travel around on and off as well. So personally I really hope this is wrong forever and La Lion out lives me lol
Tldr: Pls no. Likely health related though if it does

Kyo: cancelled. "what do you mean he's not a black behind the avatar?!"
Machina: gets too hyper playing up rage, calls someone a slur. I'll accept .025 of a point if he calls birdman a spic or something though
Kirsche: Realizes she misses the y, comes back as Kyrshy in Phase

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Moona Hoshinova: I believe she recently finished university so my prediction is she gets a job in her field. I think it was architecture or design related if I remember correctly. Honestly, I think a case could be made for any of ID1 graduating this year.

Minna Vanilla and Sena Bonbon: I haven't watched a single stream but blind confidence says the whole Flavr idea will collapse in on itself. Honestly, seems like everyone got more than they bargained for and got two decent talents out of it that can become indie or enjoy the time they spent streaming. Things left for anyone to use are ripe to be infested by unsavory types eventually, generally sexpests and other undesirables. Gatekeeping these people won't work here because there's simply not enough people interested in it to keep it afloat. The general they made on /vt/ seems like it can hardly muster 30 unique IPs.

Mysta Rias: I've seen him talk about basically accomplishing everything he wanted to. He made enough money to be comfortable and talked about how streams will only focus on the fun heading forward. The fun will run out after the development of a new Luxiem group song ends up with Mysta posting the thing early on Twitter out of anger. This will lead to a statement by the NijiEN twitter that he's taking a break for two weeks with other NijiEN members sadposting in his wake. He comes back and everything seems fine for a month and then he graduates.


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I don't know enough about Holo gossip so I'll stick with Nijis.

Aiba Uiha (Nijisanji JP): literally doesn't stream anymore and one of her best friends (Mayuzumi) graduated. Loves doing idol stuff. Graduates to become an IRL idol.

Ban Hada (Nijisanji ex-KR): her health is pretty iffy leading to long breaks. Has already talked about graduation before.

Hex Haywire (Nijisanji EN): gets Yugo'd due to a falling out with management. He's already a depressed flip with a worse relationship with his chat than Vox.

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I feel like I'm out of the loop most of the times with new VTubers, but if anyone can point me to terminally dying VTubers or ones that have a massive drug problems (preferably those who have recently been revived by Narcan) this would greatly help me in top 3 picks.

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I feel like I'm out of the loop most of the times with new VTubers, but if anyone can point me to terminally dying VTubers or ones that have a massive drug problems (preferably those who have recently been revived by Narcan) this would greatly help me in top 3 picks.
Botan is terminally ill, apparently. Iron Mouse is one punctured room-bubble from death at all times, it feels like. Fra of Boogey Voxx seems to have a lot of drug connects.

Calli just seems like a good bet all-around.
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