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The Kestraline Kronicles, aka 'how Nolan Crush got upstaged overnight'.

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You might be looking at the thread title and wondering to yourself 'Proctor, what are you saying here; how can anyone top Nolan Crush in the insanity Olympics?'

Well, up until recently, I'd have said there was no way in hell anyone could ever be as parasocial or degenerate in as many interesting and unfixable fashions than our dearly exceptional pony-lover. That is until a few days ago, when I began seeing some interesting messages on the Fujohole, TVA's beloved Discord server;

Part 1: The First Deranged Ramblings.


At the time, I was fairly busy watching streams and generally having quite a nice, relaxing night doing other things besides being obscenely parasocial on the internet (like we all totally do). I dropped by for a minute or two and listened to a very clearly mentally ill person rambling incoherently about somebody I'd never seen before, didn't care about, and had no interest in. So I got on with my life and ignored him. However, it didn't stop there. Oh no, boy did it not stop there...

Part 2: The Lady Appears.

Fast forward two days, and my memory of this stream had already faded right into the background. In fact, I wasn't even paying particular attention to the Discord, and had to be alerted that Mr 'TVA account holder' had posted a second time. And man, was it an impressive piece of autism!


Coincidentally, I was doomscrolling on Twitter during all this, and right there on my feed was this;

Link. Archive.

Huh. How fascinating. How well-timed. So I give the relevant images a click, and MINE EYES, SCHIZOPHRENIA THEY DO BEHOLD! Clearly, the person she is talking about is quite a piece of work, and well worth my time to investigate. Fortuitously, Charlotte has DMs open on Twitter, so I slide right on in like the professional I am. Her first message is to invite me into a Discord call where she is currently in VC discussing these events. Naturally, I grab my microphone and join right in.

Over the course of about two and a half hours, an odyssey of autism the likes of which Homer and his Iliad could only gaze at in awe and reverence unfolded before my eyes. Allow me to summarize below! Items marked with an asterisk have screenshots contained in spoilers at the bottom of this post.
  • User @kestraline is known as 'Spanner'/MrSpanner.
  • He is a 30 year old man (born October 14th, 1993) who lives in Scotland.
  • At some point he latched onto Charlotte, who was side-gigging as a vtuber at the time. She has now almost entirely focused on her art career.
  • Being a deeply narcissistic and severely mentally ill man, he decided to start gifting and promoting her excessively.*
  • As a first-time streamer, she was unaware how badly this could turn out and allowed him to become a moderator for her streams.
  • He rapidly went insane with power and alienated most of her friends, to the point they began making secret Discords just to get away from him.
  • He constantly promoted her on /vt/ and other imageboards, despite being asked to stop.
  • At one point he joined one of her gaming sessions with friends and showed himself to be a sub-DSP level gamer, breaking down in tears after spending tens of hours trying to understand a trivially simple gameplay mechanic.
  • Whenever he messed up or crossed her boundaries and was told off, he would respond by buying her gifts and sending extremely long, rambling apologies to her on Discord.*
  • As his narcissistic obsession grew, he began to aggressively police her online activities and became increasingly unhinged whenever she acted without his consent or approval.
  • After roughly ten thousand chances, he was finally banned from her community sometime in July or August.
  • As soon as he was banned, he began sending frantic messages to her entire contact list, business clients and Discord friends, pleading to be let back in and begging they intercede on his behalf.*
  • Most of his messages were a mixture of threats and overbearing, long-winded and hysterical apologies. After a while, he seems to have calmed down slightly and sent an incredibly self-pitying, maudlin email to her as some form of 'closure'. We will quickly come to learn he is obsessed with 'closure', aka 'more excuses to stay in contact with someone who has repeatedly demanded I cease.'
  • Note that AFTER sending this e-mail (in August), he slandered her on the forum, praising a different vtuber while insulting Charlotte as a 'extremely bipolar menhera schizo who hates her chatters'. A self-report if ever I did see one.

You'd think that after having had a month to cool off, things would come to a conclusion. But no, for Spanner was still devoted to his goddess, and even though she had forsaken him in his hour of need, as her self-appointed high priest, he needed to persevere in her name, FOR THE CAUSE. After fortifying himself with a year's supply of Doritos and polishing all 278 authentic Japanese katanas in his collection to a mirror shine, he waddled forth once more to reclaim his rightful place by Charlotte's side...

Part 3: The Tablet Arc.

You might be wondering to yourself what exactly this obviously terrible and hideously evil woman stole from this poor, loving and selfless Scottish manchild (if you said his dignity, foolish of you to assume he had any to begin with). To explain further; Charlotte is a Canadian artist who was lucky enough to get tuition at a prestigious London university (yes, there are still parts of London that don't look like a warzone). Being young and inexperienced, she had no contacts in Perfidious Albion, and felt that it was a good idea to have Spanner act as a forwarding address to her while she was at university...


Needless to say, this would be a major dangling thread leftover after his expulsion from her community, which he proceeded to tug on with great enthusiasm. It was not the only thing he was tugging on during all this, as we'll soon discover. In his desperate efforts to reconcile with his beloved and incorruptible kamioshi (or filthy, cheating bitch, depending on which Discord he was posting in at the time), Spanner hit upon the solution; spend money on her! Thus he hatched a plan to send her an expensive drawing tablet. Upon acquiring said tablet, he carefully unpackaged it, and made certain that his love and adoration was suitably conveyed. By that I mean he probably masturbated on it. Edit as of 20/12/2023: A plausible alternate explanation is that it was second hand and he tried to clean it with corrosive wipes that damaged the plastic of the screen protector and left a sticky residue. Do not take the masturbation allegation as more than unfalsifiable speculation. Then he repackaged it and shipped it off!

Annnnnnd royally buggered up the shipping address, so it was promptly lost in transit. Terrified that the potency of his essence would not last long, Spanner than went on a furious crusade with the postal service, making sure to e-mail his beloved with updates about this hideous injustice.


For a while Spanner was left in a holding pattern, his crusade halted not by enemy action, but by the fecklessness and disinterest of the average British postal worker. That is until an early Christmas Miracle happened. Out of nowhere, after weeks and weeks of waiting, Spanner awoke to a message that his package had been delivered! Now it was just a matter of waiting for his beloved to recognize his dedication and reach out with both a heartful 'thank you' and sincere apologies for the pain she had thus far put him through.

Meanwhile, being a busy university student who doesn't get her mail delivered directly to her dormitory, Charlotte is completely unaware this has even happened. So the package sits for some time, unopened and unloved. Until finally she does indeed realize that it's there. Upon opening it, she discovered a crazed mixture of random merchandise, hand-written letters, and the tablet itself, which was covered in a mysterious tacky substance. Edit as of 20/12/2023: Spanner claims this substance was residue from the wipes he used to clean it, as it was second hand. This is a plausible enough claim, though it does not constitute absolute proof. Understandably, this 21 year old art student was revolted and threw the tablet back in the box and the letters into the bin without opening them.

Spanner knew none of this, which caused him extreme conniptions. In the end he snapped, as spectacularly as I have seen a man snap in a very long time. December 12-13 (exact date hazy, since international timezones + him being a NEET with no sleep schedule) seems to have been the breaking point, as that was when he began streaming about the whole thing. But either shortly before or shortly after said stream, he sent Charlotte some additional emails, each more crazed than the last.


Notice the constant assumptions that his unwanted and frequently spurned investments in her somehow relate to a direct requirement she respond or acknowledge him in any way. He also sent similar rambling emails to at least one of her clients and possibly others, but I am not privy to their contents.

At least realizing he was messaging her again, Charlotte responded;


This was the point she completely blocked him from contacting her in any way, and advised all her friends to do so. Shortly afterwards, my call with Charlotte took place. During said call, the revelation that Spanner had been obsessively messaging dozens upon dozens of her contacts and Discord associates came out. Most of these individuals were unaware that any larger web of madness existed at this point, and so did not think to tell Charlotte about this. This includes people in other vtuber communities that we know of, and likely others who haven't even come forth yet.

At the exact same time as he was begging and pleading forgiveness on these Discords, Spanner was in at least a dozen other vtuber communities, crossposting the same messages or spinning completely different narratives.

He also suggested that I cover this whole affair on my livestreams, as an expose on a corrupt vtuber who had stolen from him and ruined his life. The lack of pity I possess for these stories is nothing less than mathematically unquantifiable.

In rough conclusion; Spanner is the epitome of everything a vtuber fan should never be. He is severely unstable, pathologically parasocial, and fundamentally incapable of understanding why what he has done is wrong. He expresses purely Pavlovian sorrow and regret that his actions have directly resulted in his own distress, but refuses to engage in even the smallest amount of critical thinking as to the real nature of his issues. Just like Nolan, any efforts to redeem himself are abandoned the instant goodwill is shown to him, and are clearly manufactured exclusively for the purposes of provoking pity.

As of this post going live, he has been banned from the forum permanently. His record will stand as a testimony to how you shouldn't act in vtuber circles, and he will hopefully crawl away to the uttermost depths of hell; aka /vt/. That is where his wailing and m'ladying shall be forever more. Amen.

Yuni Luna's server.


DMs sent to forum moderator @thhrang.





- "proctor could have a fucking field day on charlotte" lol, lmao.







More public pityposts.








Update as of 20/12/2023!
Since being banned, Spanner has only intensified his efforts to be vindicated as the true victim of these events. He has contacted me personally asking to be heard, and has shared a long google document that he claims proves his innocence. The contents will not be reposted here yet, but are easily found on Twitter or in the discussion thread. The only real revelations are his claims of innocence with regards to the tablet masturbation allegations, which are tenuous enough that I'm okay rewording them.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Spanner has an enormous number of additional contacts across the internet, with vtubers only being his latest obsession. For many years he has been a member of the Sonic fandom (IT'S ALWAYS SONIC. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SONIC) and a manager/organiser of the Sonic Hacking Contest. Last night, Charlotte hosted a Twitter Space talking about her harassment, which prompted several major members of the SHC to join call and share their story. Recordings of this event exist as multiple archivists were in the call, but out of respect for the fact consent was not given by her or the SHC members, I am not going to share them here.

The main points brought out by the SHC members were as follows;

  1. None of them had any clue Spanner was personally involved with vtubers, though they were aware he was fixated upon them.​
  2. They universally confirmed his obsessiveness, his absolute and complete inability to admit wrongdoing on any level, and his tendency to livepost his thoughts to random people for hours on end.​
  3. Not one member of the SHC was surprised in any way by what he had done, only that he had managed to do it while keeping it a secret from them.​
  4. None expressed even the slightest desire for him to return, and were freely discussing how he was just as much of a contentious figure in the SHC as in the vtuber community.​
This information only reconfirms my suspicions that Spanner is an inveterate narcissist and should be no-contact blocked by everyone he attempts to approach. Charlotte now has over 150 screenshots of his activities and is involving the police in pursuit of a restraining order against him when she returns to England for university. As of this update, more screenshots are still being added. Once the record is somewhat close to completion, I will ask permission to share it.

Do not contact Spanner under any circumstances. He considers any form of interaction as validation of his claims and believes wholeheartedly that if he talks to enough people, for long enough, they will understand he is right and join his crusade for justice. Not one person has ever done so, with the only pity he has received being of the 'it's sad someone so mentally ill isn't in therapy' variety.
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Note: this thread was made in very close consultation with the subject of Spanner's insanity. She has had to involve law enforcement and campus security out of fear that he might show up to her University with violent intentions, and is friends with vtubers who have had physical altercations with members of /vt/ and similar communities.

If Spanner had at ANY POINT demonstrated an ability to learn and change behaviour during all of this, I would not have made this thread. But he hasn't, and we keep digging down into new layers of his madness. I sincerely doubt the post above comprises even 1/5th of the content he has put out, and anyone who is able to add to this archive is welcome to do so.

Edit: It wasn't even 1/50th of the content...
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