"How long would it take me to kill a five-year-old?"Randon Neuring
  • ~1 Week Remains: Local fans of a certain pink lagomorph mold golem are attempting to finalize an anniversary project for her. Last call for contributers & artists, etc. No yabbits allowed.
  • !!!!READ THIS NOW!!!!

    What is hopefully the final server backup has been implemented. I am now starting the closure process of this forum. Main boards will now be locked. The Proctor's Office will remain up solely for technical feedback. Go to the new site in order to post. Barring catastrophic problems, this cloud-based version will close on the 9th of July.
  • IMPORTANT: Users from Russia may need a VPN to access the new server. I need more data to diagnose this problem. Contact me here or on Discord if you have been blocked, so I can tell you what you need to do.



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I mean, if she still has that cough it's probably for the best. Last thing you want to do is have sharp tools in your mouth when one of those coughs has decided it's coming out.


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