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Before you register, read this post in full.

Visiting Vtubers: READ THIS. Official TVA Social/Contact List: HERE. Financial/Donation Info: HERE.
This website is not like other anime or vtuber communities you have been part of before. Our culture is unique. I expect you to study and understand it prior to registration.

The Virtual Asylum was founded as a refuge for vtuber fans filtered by places like Reddit and /vt/. We endorse frank and open discussion of the vtuber industry and the talents within it, including the negative aspects and drama. However, we still enjoy the entertainment vtubers provide and earnestly want our favorite talents to succeed.

All posts here are governed by three cardinal rules. Violating any of these three rules will result in a permanent ban.

1) No lolicon (see spoiler below), no illegal material, nothing unambiguously against Xenforo's ToS.

2) No moral crusades. We observe and document, we are not your personal army.
3) All users must be 18 or older.

In addition, we strongly value the concept of Operational Security, also known as OpSec. Burner e-mails, VPNs and other steps to maintain user anonymity are highly encouraged. If you have never used a forum before, you should know that your registration e-mail and IP address are directly visible to me as the webmaster at all times.

We also have some general rules that apply to interaction and discourse across the whole forum. Violating these rules will earn warnings, or a ban if severe enough. TVA does not have a set moderator code of conduct, and incidents of rule-breaking are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Important PSA: TVA is a highly multicultural forum with a huge international audience. Many members are from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. If you are from a sheltered, liberal Western background, be aware that you are entering a space populated by people who see no issues with saying things that will offend and upset you. If posts such as this one come across to you as upsetting or 'triggering', you should immediately leave TVA and never return.
TVA is not a SFW forum, but I don't cater to coomers. I viscerally hate coomers and find them disgusting. NSFW material is only allowed if it contributes to an ongoing discussion in some manner. I do not want to know your fetishes, which idols you want to sleep with, or how much you'd pay to suck on Pippa's toes. If a vtuber does coomer content, you may discuss it matter-of-factly, but I do not ever want to see people directly linking it.
Art that depicts loli or loli-like characters in any explicitly sexual context whatsoever is banned. Discussing vtubers with loli-style character designs is allowed, but sexual comments about lolicon material in any way, shape or form will be viewed with extreme suspicion and most likely earn you a ban. If you are unsure if something is appropriate to post here, it most likely isn't. Err on the side of caution, or if need be, contact me or the staff for a second opinion.
Many vtubers do members-only streams and posts. It is often asked what TVA's stance on the archiving and sharing of this content is.

My stance is that such content can be discussed freely but that it is reasonable to ask users not to link full uploads or torrents of member streams on TVA. Clips, screenshots, chatlogs, transcriptions or other transformative content is acceptable.

An exception exists for the content of graduated vtubers who will no longer receive any revenue from the paywalled content in question. Post this as much as you like, it doesn't matter.

tl;dr: If a sound argument can be made that a free repost of paywalled content is taking money away from a streamer (valid example; a full torrent link to a members-only stream less than a week old), don't post it. Discuss it however much you like, though.
1. TVA values free speech as one of its core principles. Members are expected to exercise basic respect for each other and the talents they discuss, but are allowed to express their opinions without fear of oppressive censorship.

2. TVA does not in any way condone illegal activities and will ban members caught engaging in them. This includes stalking, harassment, swatting, view-botting, and the obtaining of personal information via unlawful methods (hacking, phishing, etc).

3. TVA impartially documents both the positive and negative history of vtubing. This includes incidents that paint individuals in a negative light or exposes them to the consequences of their own actions.

4. TVA is committed to clarity whenever possible; we allow speculation, but prefer hard facts and evidence-based arguments over mud-slinging and rumour-mongering. Do not push your unfounded rrats as hard fact.

TVA has limited staff. It is vital that members use the Report function to highlight disruptive content in fast-moving threads. Reports are directly sent to staff and link to the relevant content, ensuring it is seen and acted upon. Reports are anonymous to other users, so don't worry about being called a tattle-tale.

6. TVA is not your personal army. Do not come here and demand we investigate or dig up dirt on people you don't like, or demand we supply you with information you can find by yourself elsewhere. This includes asking other users to help you find personal information or real life pictures of talents, especially if the only reason is voyeurism.

7. TVA does not confer special immunity from critique upon its members. If you make a fool of yourself here, people will laugh at you. Get used to it.
TVA allows people to openly discuss all aspects of vtubing and all publicly available information about vtubers and the talents behind their avatars. It is critical to understand that this includes information that has been deliberately deleted by a talent, but archived elsewhere by a third party. If it can be accessed on the clearnet without (A) violating any laws, (B) breaking any forum rules, it can be discussed here.

Basically, if a talent has willingly posted something to public social media, it is a valid source of content, critique and discussion, even if it was later deleted.

A non-exhaustive list on this information includes; steam profiles, twitter posts, Facebook profiles, social media accounts, public photographs, videos and other forms of media. It does not include physical addresses, contact details, phone numbers or other similar material that presents a credible risk of compromising a talent's personal safety.

Staff have the right to delete information they believe is being propagated for the explicit purpose of harming an innocent party. Users have been banned in the past for this activity. However, any talents desiring to have their personal information deleted from this website should be aware of the Streisand effect.
TVA has access to qualified legal counsel. We consider terms such as 'doxxing', 'harassment' and 'stalking' in their legal context, not their social context. In other words; TVA will not bow to spurious legal threats, emotional appeals or hysterical tirades by upset fans, talents, managers or agencies. We also do not care about being 'cancelled', called racists, nazis, ists, phobes or any other similar terms. What we are is a content aggregation platform and gossip site. Anything else is in the eye of the beholder.
Q: What identifying information do you receive when I register, how can I mitigate this?
A: All TVA staff members see your email account upon registration (use a free service like Protonmail), and I see your IP address (use Tor browser or a VPN to access this site).

Q: If I want to make myself known as a vtuber to you or TVA, what do I do?
A: Send me a Twitter DM or email me from an email address publicly associated with any of your accounts. Do not simply post with a random account claiming to be a vtuber; I will be forced to ban you as a potential bad-faith actor until you can confirm your identity.

Q: I want to talk to you about a private issue. Can I trust you?
A: I will keep private any correspondence between us unless explicitly told I can reveal the information discussed. However, I may choose to inform staff members you have spoken to me. I may also choose to reveal details concerning legal matters to trustworthy individuals with relevant experience, personal details omitted as necessary.

Q: Your members are saying rude things about me and I don't like it.
A: Grow a thicker skin or stop reading TVA.

Q: People are posting lies about me. What can I do?
A: If you have evidence proving the information is false, contact staff and explain the issue. They will decide how to proceed.

Q: I don't want your forum to discuss or mention me.
A: TVA is a website that believes in free speech. If you are a public figure, any user may discuss you freely.

Q: Your forum is hosting content that I want taken down.
A: If the content in question is legal and was not obtained via illegal methods, I will not remove it. If it was illegally obtained, contact me with evidence and link the relevant content to be removed.

Q: Someone I know or suspect I know (a former moderator, friend, anti, etc) is trying to get people on your forum to investigate me, what can I do?
A: Contact me via my socials page. I take incidents like this very seriously, and am willing to ban users that can be demonstrated to be acting out of petty spite or revenge. Be aware however that this does not mean I will censor all mentions of this information.
The Virtual Asylum covers a lot of drama within the vtuber sphere. Those involved in said drama have a habit of trying to delete incriminating evidence of their activities. We have an entire thread dedicated to both proper archiving habits and the tools which enable them. You should familiarize yourself with this thread before posting anything you have even the smallest expectation of being deleted later.

That said The Virtual Asylum is NOT an archive dumping site. We do NOT possess the technical capabilities to reliably store media for long periods of time.

As such, I completely disclaim all personal responsibility for any valuable or unique media items or attachments you choose to upload to this site.

If you want to be sure that something you consider valuable is preserved in digital form, back it up on at least three separate, independent storage mediums. I personally use two external HD's, two laptops and google drive for this purpose.

This image encapsulates everything I have founded this community to avoid. The internet is becoming progressively more sanitized, homogeneous and conformist. I despise this with my entire being. I will never compromise on the principles outlined above. I will never censor this community to conform to the arbitrary moral standards of an overly shrill minority of either puritans or degenerates. Only my own arbitrary moral standards apply, because they're obviously always right.

In short, conformity and digital gentrification are cancer. Live free or die.
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