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General Thread v2: Enhanced Segregation Techniques!

The Proctor

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Here we are, with a whole new thread to shit up and fill with inane comments. Except starting from today, we'll be having roughly 10% fewer inane comments due to the new policy straight from the mouth of your dearest tyrannical absolute dictator, aka me.

You may discuss anything chuuba-related here, except comment on ongoing streams. You may summarize your thoughts on streams that have ended, or post links to said streams as they start or while they are ongoing, but you may not use this thread as a place to comment on current streams. All such commentary goes in the new General Liveposting Thread located here.

Exceptions to this rule are granted in cases where something major has occurred that could be deemed reasonable to bring to the attention of the general thread. I.E a surprise reveal, a major meltdown, or various other events with broader implications. In other words, make it meaningful.

The primary reason for this change is that quite often, a major chuuba will start streaming something, and the next 10-20 pages will be nothing but people saying things like 'omg I can't believe the move [talent] just pulled off'. I've been guilty of it too, but it's not very interesting or conducive to productive discussion. I want to encourage people to contribute in a meaningful manner as much as possible, and this is one way of doing so that the community seems to agree upon.

This thread will run for 1k pages, then I will revaluate how it worked out and whether or not to continue this trend.
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Henrik Carter

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I'll let you have it, but know that I was faster than you @Short, lol.

Thomas Talus

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John Vtuber👁️

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haha it's unou
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Subaru love on the first page too

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Hey mom i'm on TV page one!!!


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so we can shitpost here to see who has the best waifu, and share some clip?

The Peanut Gallery

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Nice place ya got here. Reminds me of a General Thread I use to watch...

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I quit keeping up with the main thread like 2k pages ago. I miss anything while I was go-


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...so that's how teleportation feels.


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Fuck you Proctor, I was trying to get the 100,000th post on the old thread. :gunpeko:


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I'm just glad to say I've been here for nearly a year, and its good proper forum culture isn't dead. Warms up an old man's heart. :BijouBijou:
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