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Astray Entertainment - New Thai vtuber agency. [ QUALIFICATIONS, BEING BORN BEFORE 2010 ]


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Creating a thread for this. A new vtuber agency from Thailand started their auditions.

Like the titles says, The only qualification needed is being born before 2010 which means you have to be 14 years old minimum.


Their website : https://audition.astraystudios.com/
Website archive


Their audition form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2WONh3OX9rPTp2MtEzjM6YpaL950CMmCg2nVkoifCuF-yEQ/viewform

They have 1 manager called Chertam with pretty much nothing except a new years post.


I found nothing about the company Astray Studio except A dead Twitter page made 2 months ago. So i turned my attention to the discord bot Maprang. The Creator of the bot is named Sinsamuth which happens to be another staff member ( more like the owner if you ask me ).


Twitter account | Instagram account,

Worth keeping an eye on this Astray studio thingy considering what we know about these kind of agencies.
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Minimum fourteen years old?

Putting aside any questions about the legality and morality of having such young talent, why would you entrust a rigged vtuber model, art assets and advertising worth thousands of dollars to someone that's fourteen years old? The talents are unstable enough when they're fully-grown adults, never mind throwing the immaturity of being a child in there. This isn't a job at McDonalds where a worker quitting might mean losing a few hours training.

I can't see this working out well if it happens and they'll deserve it for making such a retarded business decision.


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In their application they list the Thai age of majority at 20 and note that those under 20 need their parents permission. That they have that listed is a sign that these guys might not be discord groomers and instead may just be retarded newbies.

I think that them setting the age parameter so wide is the idea that this nobody corpo is casting a wide net to increase the chance of catching a good talent. In their minds more people applying means bigger and better shot at catching something good without the consideration that adding a 14-20 year old means adding someone who likely does not have their shit figured out. Also don't forget you'd have to add on dealing with a parent(s) on top of just the idol, which means dealing with a 2-3 person family instead of 1 talent, meaning more potential points of failure. That they don't seem to see that (or see that and don't care) is something to be considered.

And this is on top of being a "small corpo". Unless I see a linkedin page or a testament of previous experience in management, I will assume its like all other "small corpos" and that its just some dudes in discord with delusions of grandeur and a few grand that they are willing to set on fire. This likely means no experience talking and negotiating with a business, talents, artists or an audience, for which the "company" would suffer and likely die.

I don't see this ending well either way. Either the corpo explodes due to mismanagement creating a scandal with the money/talents/other business shit or the corpo explodes due to gross sex shit.

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Putting aside the " We will hire 14 years old kids if we want to " , there is just something with SEA agencies that makes me unable to trust them. Probably the fact the Sinsamuth guy also looks like a fresh adult and the fact most of his following list on instagram is e-whores from Thailand/SEA.


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Is Nophi / Wawa going to apply for this one too?

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On one hand, fourteen is a perfectly acceptable age for a part time job.

On the other hand, if I actually owned a business and a fourteen year old asked me to invest a couple thousand bucks in her, while I'm 100% aware that she will receive

- hate
- pornography of herself

from her audience?

lmao even

Fourteen is where she can start getting streaming experience. Privately. With her parents' support. As a 1- 2view.

Hiring? Never.

The Rratarded Alt

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Hiring a minor to do anything related to the internet just sounds like a recipe for disaster

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"...and is a service provider for the Thai Discord bot maprang"

The jokes write themselves.


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What in the actual fuck


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When will we get the corpo with the requirement to be born before 1994???
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